Get Your Fleet Ready For Spring

Now’s the time to spring into action before the warm weather hits. Wash winter off your fleet and bring your trucks and trailers into Bauer Built so they’ll be in great better shape for spring.


Tire maintenance can take a hit during colder months. You’ll want to check your fleet’s pressure regularly but especially coming into spring with fluctuating temperatures. Low air pressure can lead to uneven wear and to reduced fuel efficiency. You’re also more likely to blow a tire on the road leading to lost productivity. Also check for damage done from hitting potholes as the ground thaws and more potholes are uncovered. Our team is ready to help with all your tire maintenance issues.


The brakes on your trucks and semi-trailers likely took a beating through winter, braving the ice, snow, and road chemicals. Bring your fleet to us for inspection and needed repairs, especially if your brakes are squealing or grinding or if your truck is pulling to one side or the other during braking. We’ll make sure all components are greased and that the pads are DOT legal thickness.


Bauer Built will inspect your truck’s suspension and make sure components are greased and inspected for wear. We can also make sure wheel end fluid levels are correct to prevent overheating and damaging any components.


Those potholes are tough on a vehicles alignment but when you have so much invested in the rig, you want to make sure to keep your truck and trailer are heading straight down the road. Driving an improperly alignment vehicle can lead to uneven tire wear, premature wear and tear, vibration and steering difficulties, undue stress on the vehicle’s suspension, braking and handling difficulties and greater fuel consumption. Stop in to your nearest Bauer Built for your alignment needs.

You can count on attentive service every time you bring your fleet vehicles to Bauer Built. Find a location near you or contact us online for more information.

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