We Thank The Truckers Who Continue Providing Essential Supplies

During the continued uncertainty that’s followed COVID-19, Bauer Built Tire & Service wishes to thank the truckers who continue to drive the supply line to those on the frontlines. It’s during crises that the essential behind-the-scenes efforts shine brightest.

Like the medical staff caring for the afflicted and the scientists working to find a cure, the trucking industry has not stopped operation. Truck drivers deliver goods to consumer markets, so we, as Americans, can continue our lives with some sense of normalcy.

Hospital staff and first responders require medical equipment and supplies now more than ever. Truckers continue to drive across cities and states to make sure they’re all getting what they need. But their efforts haven’t come without obstacles. Truckers now deal with travel restrictions as states continue to put lockdowns in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Drivers face:

  • Truck stops and restaurants closing their doors
  • Key transport corridors closed or rerouted
  • Increased receiving dock and customer precautions
  • A lack of available restrooms and rest areas
  • Increased consumer demand and limited driver capacity

Additionally, we express our sincere gratitude to the trucking teams of dispatchers, technicians, and service personnel who support their drivers. You are keeping this country on its feet.

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