AG, Industrial & OTR Tires

From farm to table, you need a farm tire supplier who works as hard as you do. We have the farm, implements and fleet tires you need when you need them. Bauer Built is your source for agricultural tires, industrial tires, and OTR tires from tractors and end-loaders to skid steers and log trucks.

The wrong tires damage your fields and reduce your fuel economy and productivity. Consider the following when selecting your tires based on common types of field conditions:

Bias Or Radial

What works in a warehouse most likely won’t work in the fields, so weigh your options. Bias tires have plies of zig-zag patterned rubber, so the cords run diagonally across the tread. Radial tire chords are parallel, and the plies run perpendicular to the tire bead.

Bias tires:

Radial tires:

We carry the following agriculture and industrial tires for sale:

You can’t afford to compromise when you’re purchasing tires for farm equipment, industrial vehicles, or off-the-road machinery. Choose a tire supplier who can get your farm and business ready to tackle any challenges.