Fleet Maintenance

Tires are one of the most substantial expenses for a fleet, no matter the size. If you want to get the most out of your tires, you need to view them as an investment from purchase to the final disposal.

Let Bauer Built Tire & Service help you stay on top of regular inspections and maintenance, so you never miss a scheduled delivery. Bauer Built’s commercial tire services specialize in customized fleet tire management programs that suit small to large fleets.

If you manage a small fleet, a tire maintenance program may seem unnecessary. However, losing one or more of your vehicles to tire repair will cost you precious time and money.

For small fleets, Bauer Built provides:

If you own and operate a small fleet, we can help you get the best return from your investment by finding you the correct tire for the job. When you don’t have the resources, our service team will pick up and deliver, assist with mounting and dismounting wheels, and help manage your inventory.

Proper vehicle alignment is essential to the longevity of your tire investment. Large, medium, and small-sized fleets benefit from our commercial and semi-truck alignment services, eliminating wear on your tires from misaligned steering or suspension.

We also set up standards for tire retreading. We are the premier provider for safe and effective tire retreads that will save your budget and keep your fleet moving. With each of our retreads, we conduct thorough analyses and inspections to ensure your drivers and vehicles are safe and ready to work.

Old tires are often taken off and discarded, but there is still plenty of value in retreaded casings. Bauer Built also provides scrap services to recycle your tires once they’ve reached the end of their use. If your fleet doesn’t have the workforce to do so, we can get the job done.

Contact us or visit your nearest location to learn about our comprehensive fleet management services and mechanical services for small fleets.