Mechanical Services

When it comes to fleet mechanical services, Bauer Built Tire & Service has you covered. We’ve supplied commercial truck tires and related services for over 75 years, so we’re well suited to provide you solutions on the road or at our service centers. Schedule regular maintenance services with us so you can avoid costly downtime. You’ll be able to get in, get out, and get back to work with reduced expenses and increased profit margins.

Our team of skilled technicians and mechanics are ready to provide detailed inspections and repairs on six critical areas to keep your fleet rolling:

Commercial Truck Alignment

A properly aligned vehicle will wear evenly across all tires for better engine and fuel performance. Alignment prevents premature wear on suspension parts and reduces driver fatigue, protecting everyone on the road. Contact your nearest Bauer Built location today to schedule an appointment.

Mobile mechanical services

Fleet operators rely on our program to provide preventive maintenance and federal inspection services. We’ll come to you, during peak or non-peak hours, wherever you need us. Contact us today for a fleet mechanical maintenance quote available at specific locations only.

Fleet Maintenance

We guarantee top-rated technical service to protect your investment. We will diagnose your fleet’s equipment problems quickly and effectively so you can keep your business moving.