Wheel Reconditioning & New Wheels

Safety is always a priority. At Bauer Built, safety is ingrained into all our services, especially when it comes to our professional Wheel Reconditioning services. We focus on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety enforcement program, Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), to deliver key services that reduce vehicle violations and safety issues with your tractor and trailer tires. We start by conducting pre- and post-trip inspections, record vehicle defects, and repair them before operation.

It’s essential to know when it’s time to recondition your wheels. The proper maintenance of your wheels reduces the chance of failure from a rusty bolt or cracked wheel.

Refinish your commercial wheel if there is:

Our Process

Bauer Built is committed to helping fleets and owner/operators care for their wheels and rims with our in-depth wheel refinishing process.

Each customer is guaranteed to get their original wheels back and ready for whatever happens on the road.

Read more about the wheel reconditioning process.

Our Guarantee

Our wheel refinishing and conditioning process will deliver:

Inspection and diagnostics: We’ll identify the underlying condition in your wheels like hairline fractures, rusted steel wheels, or bolts and lug nuts that won’t thread properly. 

Proper finish coats and sealers: Bauer Built’s 10-step process reconditions wheels with an even curing in the oven for better rust resistance and efficient future refinishing.

Air retention and reduced bead damage: Air pressure maintained at the proper PSI minimizes the chance of a tire blowout on the road.

Improved tire mounting/dismounting: Cleaned and properly prepared wheels will get you back on the road quicker and will keep you in-service longer.

Bauer Built wants you to get the most from your tires and strives to increase their longevity. Call one of our locations for a price quote today.

New Wheels

Bauer Built does more than sell tires and recondition wheels. We have a depth of experience with new wheels and rims. Our semi-truck wheels come from Alcoa Wheels® and Accuride, two established manufacturers with a reputation for excellence.

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