MICHELIN Retread Tires

Commercial Retread Tires

michelin-retreadThere’s no other tire retreading service or tire repair center more reliable than Bauer Built Tire & Service. We’re the undisputed industry leader in commercial truck retread tires. We operate six MICHELIN® Retread Technology (MRT) plants across the Midwest, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Quality Control

You can believe in our commitment to quality. Our plants go through monthly self and independent audits to ensure you get service that meets stringent internal standards. We ensure our team is thoroughly prepared to handle all your service needs, thanks to our annual retread certifications for all our retread operators. Mandatory equipment upgrades also keep our plants in top condition.

At Bauer Built, our initial inspection is 40% more accurate than our competition. We’ve achieved an adjustment rate of .54%, continuing on a downward trend from previous years. Other remarkable MRT process improvements include cooler buffed casings, a one-step tread builder, and reliable temperatures in the curing chambers.

Customer Summary Reporting

Bauer Built consistently generates customer service reports so we can create the best service profiles for your fleet. We also offer the Michelin® MRT Warranty, which covers customer and stock casings. You can redeem this warranty at any MICHELIN® dealer in North America.

Our tire retreading service will:

Environmental Impact

According to an article by Ernst & Young (2016), retreading a premium tire twice versus using a new tire saves enough energy to power 29,000 average homes for one hour. Retreading also: